BFA Show Installation

 BFA show Installation

While preparing the 2018 BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Show, which is a graduation show, I was interested in the importance of ‘Mental Health & Meditation’ during my chaotic final semester. By researching, I found out that there are 4 dominant ways of meditation, which are breathe, touch, focus, and walk. Those inspired me to work on a project related to the meditation methods and I came up with this project to represent my ‘personal version’ of meditation.

Since I was always interested in illustration, I thought this was a great opportunity to incorporate illustration and text together. Also, by creating this interactive art piece to make viewers to touch and enjoy, I wanted to create a gesture that will allow the viewers to first accept the 'original' way of meditation, and then after turning the wood block they will find out my 'personal’ meditation method.

*Special thanks to my instructor: Alex Kostiw.